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We’re sure you all know what contouring is.. But for those who don’t, here’s a quick little recap: Contouring is a handy makeup trick that can help you create your perfect nose shape. It can make your nose look thinner, shorter, longer, or straighter.

Before you get started, we recommend cleansing your skin with the Alya Skin Pink clay mask - let’s get your skin looking vibrant, smooth, and fresh!

Draw two lines down the sides of your nose.

Do this on top of your foundation. We recommend using an angled eyeshadow brush to draw the contour lines. THey should begin at the brow bone and extend all the way to the top of your nose. It is best to keep the lines light at first as it is always easier to build slowly compared to taking away the product.

Extra tips

If it is placement that you are most worried about, you can use two q-tips to help with where the lines should go. Hold one q-tip in each hand - then proceed to align both q-tips on both sides of the cartilage of your nose. These should be parallel to the middle part of your nose.

Highlight the bridge of your nose

Now choose a highlighter that is roughly 2 shades lighter than your skin colour. You can use this to highlight the bridge of your nose. By lightly applying a highlighter in a thin line from the top of your nose all the way down to the bottom of your nose, it will make your nose look thinner alongside the darkened parallel sides of your nose.

Extra tips

Don’t make the line of the highlighter too wide. The highlighter will emphasize the area it is placed on - applying too much of it will make your nose appear more wide than usual.

If the tip or the bottom of your nose is wide, you should apply the highlighter halfway down your nose.

In order to highlight your nose, use a specific highlighter product. These can be an off-white or even a nude eyeshadow. A foundation or concealer (that is a shade or two lighter than the foundation that you’re currently wearing).

Blend away harsh lines

If you notice harsh lines, you can blend them away easily until you’re left with only subtle shadows. It is important that the product does not look too obvious.

Use a fluffy blender brush, or even a makeup sponge to blend both the contour and the highlighter lines.

Be careful you do not blend lines together - it is important the look subtle, yet distinct.

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