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We all want soft, smooth skin. But how do we achieve it? The obvious question is use Alya Skin every day…. But theres more to it than that ;)

Keep your skin silky smooth with these tips:

  1.    Exfoliate

I keep exfoliating sponges in the bathroom and in the shower, using them with different kinds of gels to get rid of any kind of dead skin.

Using the Alya Skin Face Mask after exfoliating will only benefit your skin by hydrating your face so it looks to it’s full beauty potential.

  1. Moisturize

Moisturize as soon as you get out of the shower, rubbing good quality moisturizer all over your face and body. It will seal in moisture with the added benefit of calming all of the nerve endings on your skin. I use a oil blend from Loreal, which you can find at any health food store, but any standard moisturizers are still all good options.

After applying the Alya Skin Face Mask, it is expected that your skin feels silky smooth, however it still benefits you to moisturize after to get that glowing look we are all after.

3.Drink plenty of Water

If there is one thing that has definitely helped others and myself with soft and silky skin – it is keeping hydrated. The more water we drink, the more hydrated we will be, which enables our skin to glow.

3-4 Litres a day is enough, you can keep hydrated whilst applying the Alya Skin Mask

  1. Taking showers that are aren’t so hot!

Hot showers can dehydrate our skin, therefore try to decrease the temperature of water or reduce the amount of time spent in the shower.

Applying the Alya Skin Face Mask after a warm shower will benefit much more than after a super hot shower!

  1. Vitamin E Oils

I prefer to use Vitamin E oil after getting out of the shower to hydrate my skin and give it that softer feel. I use a blend called Farcali that you can purchase online, however, any coconut or standard oil will still help with keeping your skin moist.


It just makes sense doesn't it? The less we stress, the better our skin will look.

Kick back with an Alya Skin Face Mask to make your skin look smooth, soft and natural!

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