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1) Cover FX

Cover FX is a vegan makeup brand founded by cheif chemist and MD at MAC cosmetics - their products have become some of the most reached out for in the vegan makeup niche. All their products are 100% animal cruelty-free (and vegan).

Our top product pick from Cover FX is the incredible Custom Enhance drops. You can check out some more of their products here -

2) Inika

Inika is arguably one of the most popular Vegan makeup brands on the market. They have a tonne of choices from liquid foundations to highlighting creams - as well as super-pigmented lipsticks.

Our top product pick from Inika is their liquid foundation with hyaluronic acid - it gives you a dreamy coverage, as well as hydrates the skin like a pro. Win!

3) Anxiology

Anxiology is a vegan lipstick brand that dedicates its time and prides itself in product creamy, well pigmented lipsticks in a wide spectrum of shades, including jet-black to poppy red.

Our top product pick from Axiology is the shade Noble from their lipstick range. It reflects one of the prettiest corals going around!

Last but not least…

4) Spectrum

Not only are spectrum makeup brushes  ever so instagrammable, but they’re also 10% Vegan which is a nice little change! YAY!

Our top product pick from Spectrum is the glam clam makeup brush set - it has three face brushes and seven eye brushes. Best of all, they’re housed in a cute AF mermaid clam case.

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